NFL Reporter Explains Details of Travis Kelce's New Two-Year KC Chiefs Contract

Travis Kelce has a new contract covering his next two years with the Kansas City Chiefs, and the details of the new deal show a well-deserved raise for one of the game's greatest tight ends.

The original details of Travis Kelce's new contract with the Kansas City Chiefs created confused initial reactions from football fans as NFL reporters disagreed on the terms of Kelce's deal.

 Now, we have a full picture of Kelce's reworked contract — a new two-year deal that replaces his previous contract and keeps him in KC through 2025

not a two-year extension — and it's clear that the deal seems to make sense for all parties involved.

Albert Breer of SI wrote about how Kelce's deal came together in Kansas City, and his initial scene-setting paints a clear picture of how the Chiefs viewed the new agreement.

There are two ways to look at Travis Kelce’s new contract in Kansas City," Breer wrote. "One would be that it is, indeed, a lot to pay for a tight end entering his 12th NFL season and turning 35 in October.

The other would be that Kelce is one of the three bedrocks of the Chiefs dynasty, there’s value throughout your organization in rewarding that, and what a great tight end makes falls well short of what receivers, left tackles, defensive ends and corners make anyway.